YOURJOY has started in 2017, based on the need to express a new style of jewellery that represents freedom  and carefree life.

Family tradition, passion and dedication to jewellery has led Claudia Isart to create this new brand, YOUR JOY. With the support of a specialized workshop that gives value to the brand, it creates this simple, fresh, elegant and above all, high quality product.

We mainly use 18-carat gold and sterling silver, giving it the added value that makes our pieces beautiful and lasting. We analysed and contrasted all the pieces by the jewellery guild, JORGC.

We devote particular interest to design and to combinations of materials.  


YOURJOY it’s the result from a jewellery familia, so with her 2 grandparents jewelers and 2 years of experience working in this sector, Claudia decided to create her own brand, adding to it also her passion and experience in the digital marketing sector giving a completely personalized way.

In his origins, YOURJOY was a brand that it has exclusively collections of women’s jewelry, but in a few months, it has decided to start with a new era, an upcoming sector in jewelry world, men, creating a new man jewelry collection based in a nautical and modern style.

Thanks to his passion for the sea and the style that brings them, YOURJOY has created his last collections following this path.


From our hometown, Barcelona, we cover the whole manufacturing process to be able to give quality and sense to all of our pieces.

Claudia is in charge of the design of both men's and women’s collection, and the jewelry workshop of Barcelona makes all the production process, always strictly supervised.

We always work with the very best materials, such as 18 carat gold, sterling silver and precious and semi-precious stones.


At YourJoy we offer the option to customise your jewellery with the specific design and finish you desire.  This tailor-made service usually takes between 20 - 35 days (depending on your order and specifications).
For further information either email us at or call us on 618792977.